Brand and Marketing

We create innovative digital marketing strategies around your project and provide concepts for brands to connect to their audiences using state-of-the-art technology.

Accelerate your business

Your project has the potential to tell its story with greater clarity, achieve global brand awareness and drive compelling engagement.

How and Why?

We build a team around your vision offering direct access to media partners and community management solutions to help you support your tokenized business and build widespread momentum.

A New Dawn

The CoinKitchen Team has specialised in targeted community building and experience in successfully launching campaigns to achieve a global support system and brand recognition.

With a strong sense for market trends & dynamics, we develop intelligent strategies that define the way how brands and businesses build relationships with their audiences in a constantly changing environment. As a foundation for effective strategic branding, we relate to thorough analysis and a clear definition of goals.

What are your campaign goals and who’s in your targeted audience? Where are areas of opportunity? How do we measure success? Asking these questions at the outset of any campaign enables us to craft a measurable effort that achieves real results.


Equipped with the newest technology, marketing tools, up-to-date strategies and a passionate team, we craft unique experiences that help brands stand out as well as stand for something.

Digital Relevance & Creative Storytelling

Brand Development

Let us help you clarify the vision to crush the mission

Social Media Marketing

Strategic planning, management and marketing tools

Influencer Marketing

Establish brand authenticity and targeted growth

Email Campaigns

Launch strategic campaigns for your business

Organic SEO

Become visible for your target audience

Press Releases

Improve your brand image and drive interest