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If you are ready to invest in promising and fast-growing startups we are here to guide you. Coinkitchen offers a range of hand-picked crypto projects and assists you in making the right investment decisions.

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More than 20 successful STO and ICO projects in 2 years.

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Recently we have seen cryptocurrencies rising as an alternative currency/investment vehicle, which raised the interest of many traditional investors across the globe. CoinKitchen offers the exclusive opportunity for funds and private investors to get notified about the most promising upcoming blockchain projects. The cryptocurrency market can be quite overwhelming.

It’s clear that blockchain is here for the long haul, which should ease the minds of those who have been wondering how to invest in blockchain. For instance, research conducted by Market and Markets suggests the blockchain market will be worth $23.3 billion by 2021. CoinKitchen is making sure that every project is compliant and tradable for investors on a dashboard and an exchange.

CoinKitchen provides guidance and advice regarding the credibility and potential of new projects so everyone can make their first crypto investment safely, as well as provide deeper insights into the industry for experienced crypto investors. Our complete offering consists out of legal advise, technology to tokenize the shares and maintain the administration.

Business Angels, as well as group of investors, get the whole support from finding the right investment to the economic implementation of the investment. We pre-select the most promising companies for investors. Our strong network allows investors to get in touch with each other and discuss the most promising investments.

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According to Pitchbook data shared with Hard Fork, venture capital investment in the US cryptocurrency and blockchain space has been steadily increasing year on year – going from a mere €14.43 million in 2013 to €723.13 million last year.


We pre-select the most promising and innovative blockchain startups.
Advisory throughout the investment process.
An intuitive dashboard to get updates and manage your investments.
Reports about the project and the value of the shares.

Our valuation solution enables professional investors to benchmark new STOs with their peers.

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Secure smart contract creation

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Management tools to keep track of your investment

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We connect you with promising crypto startups

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Our intuitive dashboard facilitates the investment process

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Blockchain-based digitization of any assets


Autonomous driven democracy on the blockchain.

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